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About Us

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The Key Family

The Key Family was founded in 1979 as a full-service group benefits administration firm specializing in self-funded medical plans. Since that time the Key Family has grown to become one of the country’s largest independently owned third party administrators, supporting a wide variety of group benefit plans. With its two major locations in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Fort Mill, South Carolina, the Key Family is a commonly held group of benefits-related organizations with over 400 employees, over 3,000 corporate customers, and over 2.6 million members under management.

ACSG - Part of The Key Family

Accountable Care Solutions Group (ACSG) is the consulting and program manager for product solutions for the Hospital and Health Systems industry.  We provide key solutions for the Hospitals and Health Systems that allow them to optimize directed care, increase margins, and produce local solutions for employers in their communities.  

The American Health Data Institute (AHDI) has a mission to transform healthcare data into actionable intelligence so employers, coalitions, providers, payors, consumers and others can purchase high quality cost effective healthcare. Experts acknowledge that rising healthcare costs remain with us today in part due to the continued wide variations in efficiency and quality of care rendered by all types of providers. .

AHDI - Part of The Key Family


Listen - Jack Hill, EVP - Key Family on POP Health

How We Differentiate

Tech Watch
High Tech - High Touch

Technology to optimize member and client service with a dedicated team approach for serving clients at all levels of plan management.

Applied Analytics

Healthcare analytics at the speed of thought to successfully access answers to complex health plan issues.

Discussing the Numbers
Proven Results

With over 2.6 million members under management our healthcare risk management system is proven to reduce costs.

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