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Proactive Health Management Plan (PHMP)

A Strategic Community Outreach Solution

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The PHMP strategy provides Hospitals and Health Systems with the following strategic benefits:

  • Directly connects  Hospital and Health Systems with community employers;

  • Allows Hospital and  Health System to bring this population health system to the community without any capital contribution;

  • PHMP can turbo charge clinical services that Hospital and Health System already offer;

  • Utilizes a population health management system that has proven to dramatically save employers on their underlying health plans;

  • Produces direct economic value to Hospital and Health System's employee benefit plan and local employers by potentially millions of dollars (a combination of payroll tax savings, increased employee spendable income, increased directed care, and additional diagnostic services); and

  • Singles out Hospital and Health System as the only health system in the region with a population health program that really works.


There are many reasons why the Proactive Health Management Plan (“PHMP”) is strategically important to Hospitals and Health Systems at this critical point in time. Declining reimbursement rates, more emphasis on outcomes and value, as well as serious
competitive threats coming from payors and technology disruptors are providing compelling reasons for health systems to act now. In addition, this strategic initiative has virtually no financial or execution risk.

By adopting PHMP you can immediately and positively impact your Hospital and Health System by:

  • Becoming the local sponsoring provider of PHMP services with co-branding;

  • Completely differentiating from any other hospital in your market place;

  • Increasing steerage and referrals to you;

  • Building greater brand awareness; 

  • Building favorable and long-lasting relationships with employers in your market place;

  • Becoming a First Mover with a proven strategy; and

  • Generating substantial net revenues.

Sample Hospital and Health System Financial Impact

PHMP Employee Education & Enrollment 

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