Value Proposition for Deploying a

Direct-to-Employer Gain Sharing Plan


  • Diversify payer mix by disintermediation of third party payers in order to drive additional margin

  • No need to establish your own insurance company

  • National and regional PPO network wrap

  • Actuarial pricing of medical provider network reimbursement contracts

  • No insurance risk to assume

  • Four to six months start-up

  • Minimal cost requirements, e.g., Infrastructure already in place

  • Proven sales and marketing distribution process

  • Proven population management system

  • Optimal revenues through gain sharing, reducing outmigration, increasing top line revenues, and addition of  new administrative revenues

  • Complete Transparency


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Midwest Hospital System



A Midwest acute-care hospital desired to develop a local community health plan with physicians that participated in their Physician Hospital Organization (PHO).  They created a community based preferred provider organization (PPO) and used the PHO as the primary narrow network.  Working with ACSG/KBA, we developed a self-funded program through the PHO and arranged for a wrap PPO network along with a national wrap PPO. 


As a result, the hospital, along with several large employers, came into the program representing over 10K employee lives utilizing KBA's administrative and population management infrastructure.  The hospital has been able to control the client relationships through their own managed care approaches that have been augmented by KBA and AHDI's CDM programs, customized customer service, customized fulfillment systems, and detailed reporting and analytic data systems.  

Midwest Multi-Specialty Physicians



A large multi-specialty physician group in a medium size Midwest City saw an opportunity to develop health care programs for employers and other public sector members in their community.  Their desire was to take more control of their destiny in order to retain their independence from hospitals attempting to purchase medical practices.  The physician group contracted with ACSG/KBA as their back office administrator for a proprietary self-funded plan and to manage their Health Maintenance Organization (HMO).  The HMO is being licensed for commercial  and Medicare Advantage beneficiaries. 


The goal is to utilize our population management process in order to drive optimal gain sharing to their independent medical practices and to further diversify their payer contracts with third parties.  The objective is to drive 50% of the current commercial market to their own programs within the next 5 years. 

West Coast Multi-Specialty Physicians



A large multi-specialty physician group in a large California metropolitan city retained ACSG/KBA to develop a Direct-to-Employer Program for their medical delivery system.  The objective is to sell their narrow network to mid and large size employers in their geographic service area from HMO insurance arrangements to a self-funded program.  The program is designed to be sold in a dual-option offering, thus offering HMO-like benefits and a three-tiered network based program with strict referral management and medical authorization protocols. 


By incorporating our AHDI population health management processes and data analytics, the goal is to drive employer budgets for health care costs below trend and optimize projected gain sharing opportunities.  They also desire to mitigate the impact of continued medical practice consolidation and retain their practice independence. 


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