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Healthcare Risk Management

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American Health Data Institute (AHDI)

The ultimate objective of AHDI is to coach employers into leading the way to higher quality more cost effective healthcare, in concert with local Hospitals and Health Systems. When employers, Hospitals and Health Systems, and AHDI accomplish this we will be making a major contribution to passing on to the next generation of Americans an even better world-class affordable healthcare system. Our “banquet of consequences” will only be a pleasurable experience if we as key stakeholders engage in uncovering new solutions.

AHDI identifies a range of solutions emanating from comprehensive, statistically reliable data.  AHDI offers Hospitals and Health Systems not only insightful data but some practical “how to” advice concerning their leadership role in the community-based Healthcare Process Improvement Programs.


With most other corporate expenses, employers purchase based upon the following principles:

  • Expected return on investment

  • Targeted outcomes

  • Quality and accountability defined by benchmarks

  • Utilization of budget projections and financial models

  • Incentives for risk and reward sharing

By working with The Key Family and AHDI Hospitals and Health Systems can achieve remarkable and quantifiable results for employers while increasing directed care, revenues, and incremental margins for their organization.   

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